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About Yas Graphics

Yas Graphics is an all-in-one marketing design agency in Brooklyn, New York.

We provide creatives and companies with a full range of brand strategies and media solutions: logos, websites, posters, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, environmental displays, social media, SEO, UI/UX and more.

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Jeff Yas is our founder & lead designer. He is a senior graphic artist with extensive NYC agency experience at companies like Viacom, Condé Naste and Nickelodeon. By bridging the unlikely traits of artist, software guru and communicator, Jeff instantly adds value to any visual project.

Jeff has Vision: As a designer, Jeff interprets and translates disorganized content into simple, engaging graphic messages. After careful research and listening, Jeff sketches, storyboards and creates mock-ups. As a creator he finds strength in his intuitive eye, able hands and open ear. When working with Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi, Jeff creates memorable presentations that allows the presenter to focus on content and delivery, knowing that the graphics will enhance the presentation on every slide. Creating dynamic charts, information graphics and data visualization, Jeff’s work is always colorful, balanced and typographically refined. That especially comes out in Jeff’s logos, websites and posters, which combine a whimsical sense of scale and color with a minimalist’s concern for open space and message.

Jeff’s Tech is Solid: As a software instructor at Pratt, a skills trainer at Sterling-Ledet or an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Jeff enjoys the technical aspects of being a designer. He has learned to be comfortable wearing many hats: Re-touch specialist, illustrator & layout wizard. Type geek, coder & animator. Troubleshooter, shortcut guru & inventor. Jeff employs the full power of the Adobe Suite, while staying on-trend with new platforms such as WordPress, After Effects, Prezi, Principle and Flint. Learning new things is one of Jeff’s favorite aspects of being a graphic designer.

Jeff Listens: Jeff is an empathetic and perceptive communicator, with a sense of humor and humility. He enjoys hearing the incredible ideas of his clients, helping them to focus on their core brand story, as well as their target demographic. Clients enjoy having an artist like Jeff at their disposal, as he really digs deep to discover what they are looking for, presenting their own original wisdom back in a new, easier form, sharing each step along the way, keeping them involved.

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